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Digital Marketing

Advertisements are lobbed at you constantly online, even if you don’t notice it. That’s digital marketing at its best. Ads might come in the form of an Instagram celeb touting their favorite makeup or a pop-up coupon on a website.

Digital Branding

Unlike traditional ads, digital branding doesn’t talk at you; it seeks to engage with you. It’s more about establishing an online identity and positive feelings, rather than inspiring people to make a one-time purchase. Learn all about the different types of digital marketing here.


How We Do It


Target your audience

Your company’s online presence is the premiere mode by which most potential customers will learn about and interact with your brand. Digital branding let’s you zero-in on your audience by targeting specific customer groups through the online platforms they use most frequently: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.


Connect with customers

Successful digital branding makes customers feel like you’re speaking directly to them, especially because you’re engaging on the same platforms they use to interact with friends and family members. Be personal and meaningful: that’s how you convert one-time customers into lifelong brand followers.


Brand messaging

Brand messaging is what your company says and how you say it. If I’m opening a breakfast joint with the best blueberry pancakes in town, you best be sure I’m mentioning that in my brand message. The message should reflect what your company does and believes, and speak succinctly to your customers’ immediate needs and desires.


Content marketing

These days, it’s not enough to simply advertise your product. To create a loyal, returning customer base, engagement is paramount. That’s where content marketing comes in. Think of it as the human side of your brand. Where digital marketing emphasizes sales, content marketing focuses on engagement through photos, videos, Spotify playlists and blog posts (like the one you’re reading right now!).


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